Minneapolis Attorney

Hi, I’m attorney Nick Nickitas, a trusted and respected Minneapolis attorney who’s ready to take on your case and work hard to get you the results you desire. In order to provide my clients a high level of service, I only take on cases in the following areas:

Civil Rights

If you don’t exercise your rights you’re going to lose them. I will ensure that you can exercise your rights and hold accountable anyone who violates them, no matter who they are. As a practicing civil rights attorney in Minneapolis, I’m familiar with situations that frequently arise, and I know which plan of action is best to take. I’m a strong proponent for your rights and will fight for you when the case goes to trial.

Wills and Trusts

Almost everyone over the age of 18 is well-served by having a will set up so that when they pass, their loved ones aren’t stuck making huge decisions while still grieving. No matter whether you’re a newly married 20-something, a 30 year old with a child or a single, never married person approaching retirement, you need a will so that you’re heirs are taken care of and your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes. I can also help you set up trusts for your dependents and money that you want set aside specifically in a trust.

Family Business

Your family business is your baby; you want only the best for it which is why you need a Minneapolis-based attorney who can help you to build it so that the chances of its success increases. When troubles arise, I can help with mediation and counseling, and when it’s time for you to pass the busiess on to the next generation, or dissolve it and split the proceeds, I can assist you with that, too.

Work With Me

If you are in need of someone to help you with plans for your family business, draw up a will or take on a civil rights case, I’m the one to call. I have decades of experience and am licensed to practice as an attorney in the greater Minneapolis as well as Western Wisconsin. I make no guarantees or promises that you’ll get the outcome that you desire, but I’ll give you my best and, when cases go to court, I take a no-nonsense approach as I fight for you and your rights. Contact me today so that we can schedule a time to meet together to discuss your legal needs.