Practice Areas

Minneapolis Civil Rights Attorney

I am a fierce defender of the United States Constitution and I wholeheartedly believe that every individual deserves the protections that the Constitution affords. As a civil rights attorney in Minneapolis, it is my duty and privilege to vigorously defend my clients’ rights, freedoms and personal liberties. I have been practicing law since 1990 and am licensed in federal court as well as in Minnesota and Wisconsin state courts.

Minneapolis Family Business Attorney

Starting and owning a family business is a dream for many people, they envision handing over the reigns to their children when they decide it's time to retire. Then a few decades later, the grandkids will take over. While this can be reality, there are many complex details that need to be discussed and directions that need to be laid out on paper to ensure that the business runs well while you're in charge, and that the transition happens smoothly when you want to retire.

Minneapolis Wills and Trust Attorney

Many clients I serve at the Peter J. Nickitas Law Office, L.L.C., are interested in protecting their assets and property thorough legal options. For many, Wills & Trusts are their first choice. These are valuable documents that can accomplish much for my clients, and I enjoy helping them reach their goals in this area of law practice.